Mental Health Treatment Methods Explained

Chico Creek Counseling provides a wide range of treatments for your mental health needs. While the variety of counseling processes can sound overwhelming, this guide will break down the treatment options offered at our center.

Types of Mental Health Treatment


The overall treatment method at Chico Creek Counseling is Eclectic Therapy. Simply put, this means your therapist will use a combination of modalities to provide a full range of treatment for your mental health needs. Depending on your afflictions, your therapist will use trauma treatments like EMDR or Brainspotting to pinpoint and heal past hurts. CBT, DBT and EBT can be used for a wide range of symptoms including depression, anxiety, anger issues, PTSD, OCD and BPD. Children and families experiencing relationship and behavioral issues can benefit from PCIT. The following article will explain each treatment in more detail.