Children’s Counseling

It takes a village to raise a child. We want to be part of that village.

Attending Children’s Counseling Individually or With Family

Individual Child Therapy

” Toys are like the child’s words and play is the child’s language”
-Garry Landreth
Play Therapy is proven to be the most effective approach when working with children. Through play, our clinicians build a safe place to enhance the therapeutic relationship. Through that relationship, a corrective emotional experience can take place, which is necessary for healing. In Play Therapy, children learn more adaptive behaviors to manage their feelings, gain insight into inner conflicts or dysfunctional thinking, and find a resolution to their problems. Using eclectic counseling strategies that are client-centered and strength-based, we can help children gain the tools they need to overcome the obstacles in their way.

Parent Child Interaction Therapy

Our therapists are experts in helping family systems using Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). PCIT is a research-based parent-child treatment program for parents who have children with behavioral problems (ie: aggression, defiance, and emotional outbursts), and has been proven to be effective in over 100 research studies. Its focus is to improve the quality of the parent-child relationship by promoting positive interactions between them and teaching parents positive child management skills. PCIT is conducted through “coaching” sessions during which you and your child are in a playroom while the therapist is in an observation room watching you interact with your child through a one-way mirror and/or live video feed.

Reasons for Children’s Counseling

Anxiety and Depression

Emotional Trauma


Parent-Child Relational Help

Defiance or Noncompliance

Behavioral Issues

Conflict Resolution Skills

Building Coping Mechanisms

Communication Strategies

Our Approach to Children’s Counseling

At Chico Creek Counseling, we focus on building relationships with your child and provide a safe space so they can feel comfortable expressing themselves. This safe space creates a fun, strength-based environment where we celebrate a child’s uniqueness, gifts, and abilities. Our strategy is to be collaborative, exploring the goals of the child themselves as well as the goals of the family system as a whole. We work on building coping skills, resilience, self-confidence, communication skills, and conflict resolution strategies. 

No matter what is affecting your child, we can help. Our basis for Children’s Counseling includes mainly Play Therapy and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). During play therapy and PCIT sessions, your therapists will pull from various strategies/modalities of treatment to find the right “fit” for your child. Through these strategies and more, your child will be given the tools to effectively manage distressing thoughts and emotions, navigate difficult relationships, correct troubling behavior, and overcome any challenges they may face as they grow up. Call now and set up an appointment today!


Frequently Asked Questions

How is Children’s Counseling different from Adult Counseling?

The goals are very similar, using client-centered, strength-based, and eclectic strategies to form healthy emotional habits and happy relationships. In practice, kids may go through play therapy, PCIT, direct and non-direct therapy, and trauma therapy to help meet their needs.

How long does Children’s Counseling take to work?

On average, children are seen for about 3 months. This can change depending on your child’s needs. Ultimately the duration of counseling is up to you, your child, and your therapist.

How much does Children’s Counseling cost?

Children’s counseling fees vary depending on who you see. Associate therapists charge $130 for the first session and $100 for every session thereafter. Licensed therapists charge $140 for every session.

Can I use insurance for Children’s Counseling?

Currently, we are directly in-network with MediCal through California Health and Wellness, and Anthem Blue Cross.

We can bill most other insurance, but your deductible MUST be met before insurance will provide a co-pay. Alternatively, we can provide a superbill to give to your insurance company for reimbursement.

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